The Sheldon Genealogical Society, Inc.

The time is now for a new organization to come forth into the world of Genealogy and Family History pertaining to the study of Sheldon families of the Americas and abroad, and which is open to all individuals who wish to study their Sheldon ancestry. We are here to share our ancestors and experiences with one another.

The "SGS" as it may well become referred to, is established for exactly this purpose. Our Mission Statement as noted in the Organization's Constitution is:

The purpose of the Sheldon Genealogical Society, Inc. is to bring together those persons interested in all Sheldon family genealogies and origins, and for promoting the study, preservation, and sharing of the genealogy, history, and DNA of Sheldon families, while improving the accuracy as well as seeking the advancement in technology of the genealogical record. The Sheldon Genealogical Society, Inc. is organized for the pleasure, recreation, and other similar non-profitable (exempt) purposes of its membership. Substantially all activities of the Sheldon Genealogical Society, Inc. will be to further its exempt purposes and not for the procurement of unrelated income unless allowed by applicable laws.

We are a Facebook friendly organization, where we encourage our members to join us in discussions about Sheldon families and to join our groups links at the left. You will find active discussions, sharing of ideas, genealogy, family history and photographs, and much more! We are building a network of volunteer researchers around the globe, because the "grass roots" research may still be needed, even with the advanced availability of records online.

Membership in the Sheldon Genealogical Society is free! Occasionally, we will have donation drives to help fund our Website, to help fund DNA activities, and our organization. Our budget is small, and participating – even in small ways – will help keep "Genealogy Free". Active members will receive the Sheldon Periodical through email, which is a small publication geared toward the advancement of Online activities, finding links to Sheldon families and Genealogy. The Periodical will share news about the advancement of studies in DNA and locating our roots. This is a publication of our membership and your participation is encouraged!

Welcome to our new organization!

The Sheldon Genealogical Society is a 501(c)(7) not-for-profit entity incorporated in the state of Arizona.

Jack L. Sheldon, Jr